FotorCreatedCOLLAGEFotorCreatedMy name is Olya, I’m a photographer, writer, and lover of all things travel, food, life and maybe the UK in particular? For the last 8 years anyway. I have always loved photography but it was in January, 2014 when I started doing the 365 days challenge on FlickR, when I needed to take a photo every day and upload it onto the website. That’s how I started training myself to photograph constantly and photograph better. In May 2014 I have purchased my first ever iPhone (before I have been an dedicated BlackBerry user) and joined Instagram. In October same year I went to my first ever WorldWide Instameet and that’s where my love for this social photo sharing app started. I have met great talented people, who have helped me understand photography better and have become my close friends.

London has been my passion for almost a decade now, and it shows in my photos.

Besides that I have a Degree of Master of Science in Marketing from one of the best UK higher education institutions, the University of East Anglia and am extremely proud of being a part of its alumni.

The knowledge I have received during my studies in Norwich, has helped me understand the audience that I target on my Instagram account, realise what content to provide and which experiences to share, and also how to be myself, duh. 😉

Here are a few web resources with my photos and texts, other than my Instagram:

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Thank you for stopping at my page 🙂