Best breakfast in St Petersburg: Cafe Du Nord – Лучший Завтрак в Питере!

The Interior of Du Nord 1834

french bakery in St Petersburg

french bakery in St Petersburg

french bakery in St Petersburg

This was the second time I’ve been in this cafe with my favourite breakfast of all time, so I can tell that the service is consistent and it’s perfect.

Located right outside the main train station in St Petersburg, Du Nord 1834 welcomes everyone with a friendly “Bounjour Madame” or “Bonjour Monsieur”, and they smile at you! Yes, that’s right. Russians, speaking French, and smiling. What ARE the odds?

The Food. Mainly BREAKFAST!

Du Nord is open 24/7 and their breakfasts at this particular location (Ligovsky Ave) are from 5.30am until 1pm. The breakfasts are themed. You can choose from Parisian breakfast, Moscow breakfast, Viennese one, Stockholm one, London breakfast, Baden-Baden one and breakfast for children.

Guess which one I have gone for? You guessed it, London!


English breakfast in Russia

So the London brekkie included:

TWO FRIED EGGS with bacon and kidney beans in tomato sauce


OATMEAL PORRIDGE with cinnamon and green apple slices

And you can drink as much as you want, and you can choose any variety of coffee – it could be a latte, an espresso, a cappuccino and so on. It’s unlimited.
Now what is the price for such amazing and HUGE breakfast? Wow, I sound like a host on an American TV game show.
It’s 420 rubles! It’s 5.60 euros or GBP4.95, or $6.34.
I personally love this place for the interior and humongous portions. The porridge was so delicious that I ate the whole thing, and I don’t even like porridge. Bacon was cooked just the way I like it, and the hash browns were yummy too. Orange juice wasn’t bad either. Oh, and the coffee – it’s good! I wish you could all try this place once you’re in St Petersburg.
You can sit, and sip on your cup of tea or coffee and watch the world go by through a window.
 people watching in french bakery
du nord 1834
people watching in a french bakery in St Petersburg
people watching in a french bakery in St Petersburg
My mum absolutely loved the place, because the day before we went for breakfast to another cafe, that was recommended to us by the locals, but it wasn’t what we expected. So when I took my mum here, she fell in love with the French flair, actual French people sitting at the tables at the back, some real Peter locals having some fresh air at the back entrance of the cafe.
We loved it!

Loving St Petersburg and its bakeries!

Oh and the address (if you didn’t get from the pointers such as opposite the train station) is:

Cafe Du Nord 1834 – Лиговский пр. 41/83

Ligovsky Avenue 41/83

Their website with the direct link to breakfasts (both in Russian and English)


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