Pulitzer’s Bar Amsterdam Review

Pulitzer’s Bar Amsterdam Review

Hello, everyone reading this lovely blog!

So as you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you should know that I visited Amsterdam for the first time this year, in March.

First of all, I wanted to visit this great city to see a friend of mine, although he couldn’t make it that evening. Second, would be to of course, see the city sights and relax just a bit before going back to Russia and to my English students.

I found this really cool bar called Pulitzer’s because I liked the way it looked in photos and I wasn’t disappointed when I got there, with someone I met only a day earlier, that’s what Amsterdam does to you 😉 Travelers, UNITE!

Before going to the bar I walked around Amsterdam with my friend all day long. Here are some photos I took while we were together.


I think it was slightly raining and already dark when I got there, so I was sat at the far table first, then asked to be seated at the bar, which was lit better, but I guess if you’re a couple, you can find a dark corner where no one can bother you unless you want more cocktails 😉

It was REALLY dark to take photos of the interior, plus I didn’t want to get any people in my photos, because, you know, it’s personal. The bar does look glamorous as the website promised. Dark furniture, candles everywhere, it did feel like it was a different century for sure, but with a modern twist of great cocktail adventures and occasional mobile phones, which you can’t use much because of the tunnel vision 🙂

The Bar

The effortless chic makes me breathe freely,  especially when the staff actually welcomes you and really wants you to be cosy, happy and tipsy too haha. I asked the head mixologist what he can surprise me with, because I had no idea what I wanted. I only said I loved gin, and voila, lucky me, they had a special cocktail with gin called “Dill Me In” with one huge ice cube made of fresh cucumbers and cucumber juice. Talk about nice!

Here, I made another collage, but I think it’s only in the daylight that you’ll see the whole beauty of this beautifully crafted drink.

Looking at these photos now, I would definitely come here for Halloween. Before the party. Maybe dressed in some 18th century outfit a la Claire Fraser circa 1743. This whole atmosphere has something magical about it. I mean if Charmed were living in Amsterdam instead of San Francisco, they’d hang out here at weekends. Maybe do a romantic spell or two. At least that’s what it feels like to me now, which is fun.

I’m not sure that after this amount of gin (in a good way) I would need to try another. However, I was brave enough to ask for the mixologist’s suggestion again. This time he really surprised me again. Especially after I explained to him that I didn’t want anything too sweet, too bitter or too strong. I can be a demanding customer, yes. And the result was this!

This one was just up my alley, but oh my, I am such a lightweight. I was getting more drunk with every sip. What are the odds? So I tried to slow things down and get more water.

My bar partner, the guy I met the day before, ordered this bright yellow concoction. I was absolutely loving the look of this cocktail. Basically, from the menu you can’t really understand what the cocktail looks like. His was looking absolutely fabulous! The colour just popped and of course, I took a sip of this one too.

This looked like, yet, another century and the evening was going pretty well. My water looked good too.

To sum up my review of this magnificent bar with cosy, yet stylish interior I will say that I loved everything, the staff, the bar, the drinks, and the look out the window where Amsterdam was looking all dark, with a few bikes passing by, seeing the shimmer of Keizersgracht under the breeze.

To feel the shimmer of Keizersgracht, book a table 😉

To get your own experience of Pulitzer’s Amsterdam, I suggest you call and book, because they can get busy in the evenings.

Their address and phone:

Pulitzer’s Bar

Keizersgracht 234, 1016DZ Amsterdam

+31 (0) 205235235

Hope you liked what you’ve read. Leave me a comment here or DM me on my Instagram and let me know if you went to Pulitzer’s!

Olya x


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