Sony Bravia OLED Model Presentation

I do seem to enjoy going to all kinds of presentations these days. Networking is cool, everyone. I mean, we network every day, if we don’t know it.

Anyway, I was invited to a product presentation by SONY RUSSIA because I previously went to a couple of press-conferences for movies that were being released in Russia. Hashtag happy.

So allow me to share a few photos and a few thoughts on the new TVs by SONY.

First of all, here’s me trying to switch channels in an almost candid photo (it wasn’t).

sony bravia

It was my second launch event in Russia and I truly enjoyed it, although I did feel a bit out of place there because I knew no one and felt a bit scared to go and introduce myself to someone. Yeah, that happens.


Anyways, I saw lots of Sony TVs that day and yeah, I must admit, the clarity of picture is amazing. I wouldn’t mind buying the new Bravia TV, however, it is still out of my price range. If you’re looking to buy an awesome TV, you should look at SONY, no doubt. At this point I’m more interested in sound, so the brand presenting me with a wireless speaker as a gift was more than lovely. I’m using it already and you’ll be seeing photos of it on my Instagram. Are you following me there?

These are the photos I downloaded from an official Sony website intended for media use, to show you the line of their new TVs and how thin they are. Have a look.

sony, bravia, oled

sony, bravia, oled

sony, bravia, oled

Thanks again, Sony Russia for inviting me.


And thanks for reading, everyone.



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