Gordon Ramsay Plane Food Delights

I got to Gordon Ramsay Plane Food restaurant after I finally booked my tickets to Washington DC, and I did that with the British Airways, because they are the only airline that flies from Moscow via London. I had a transfer in Heathrow airport in Terminal 5, and I had about 8 hours to walk around London Town, reminisce about the olden days of me living, working and studying there.

I landed in T5, and walked straight to the Tube, yes, that’s Underground for some of you. I took the train down to Hyde Park Corner, it was still very early and I was strolling along hundred year old trees, brave joggers, and some dog walkers. I winked at some construction workers as I strutted past them, and headed towards Oxford Street, and then down Regents Street, towards Piccadilly Circus without its lights, along Haymarket to Trafalgar Square and to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge.

I was slowly admiring the buildings I was so used to see, Southbank and Borough Market. Then I was finally ready to get back to Heathrow to catch my next plane to Washington DC.

And my London experience didn’t stop here, as I was treated to another British fare – Gordon Ramsay Plane Food restaurant. I didn’t need to check in my bags this time, as they were flying on their own from Moscow, so I breezed through security, and here I was, standing in front of the restaurant, where Gordon Ramsay himself was standing just a week ago, as I was later told.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

I was greeted by the hostess who said they were expecting me and smiled. I smiled back and started anticipating the culinary deliciousness that was waiting for me. I was led to my table that had a great view of the runway and started chatting to the lady server who came over to help me choose what I wanted for my dinner. I was as always indecisive and of course didn’t forget to mention to her that I had dairy intolerance. She took that into account, suggested the dishes and said that in the kitchen they can skip the dairy components of those dishes and bring them in as soon as possible.

Heathrow runway

I ordered water to drink, even though I was offered champagne and/or cocktails, this time I just felt like plain water, after walking all day.


I was brought this!

Don’t know about you, but I am very fussy about my plain water

I didn’t know it existed but the name sounded cool. I have been to Wales once, and suddenly felt like going back again. The fact that Gordon Ramsay restaurant stored this water was beyond fab for me, as you know I love everything British. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to Evian or Badoit, but Llanllyr was so fitting for the occasion.

But you know that post isn’t about the water, however, the details matter.

To start I got soy and sake cured Loch Duart salmon, with yuzu avocado and lotus crisps. Some of you may ask what is “Loch Duart”? Well, “loch” means lake in Scottish Gaelic. Duart is the name of the lake, of course. Salmon from this lake is internationally famous. Hey, the fish is famous. How cool is that?

You know what an avocado is, and yuzu is a type of a citrus fruit. However, what is a lotus crisp and does it exist? For me it sounded like a mysterious flower that only existed in mythology. You know, a lotus flower, right? This beautiful plant mostly associated with religious significance of Hindus and Buddhists, and even Chinese scholars wrote poems about it, talking about the purity of it. And here we are, many hundreds years later, able to cook (not me though) the lotus root, which is for sale at your local Whole Foods apparently. Still as mysterious as ever, it is now a significant detail on a plate for us to admire and enjoy.

So, you know how I can’t describe flavour in colourful details, and I will do the same thing here again – this dish was simply fantastic. I love salmon, I love avocado and now I love yuzu with lotus roots.

Here’s the view from the top. And look at that gorgeous plate.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

For the main I ordered steamed sea bass with minted crushed new potatoes. Yup, minted.

The fish was prepared with such elegance, even I could feel it, and you know how I am with describing flavours. The fish that I usually eat is mostly fried, or smoked, so this steamed one was out of this world new and wonderful, floating on a cloud of potatoes. My most favourite vegetable.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

The no bone magnificent pieces of fish meat were nicely melting away on my tongue. Okay, I am writing this now, and I feel hungry.

Of course, I was offered a dessert but I had to decline because after these two filling dishes I couldn’t eat anything else. By this time I was joined by the General Manager of Gordon Ramsay Errol Pajaziti who kindly showed me around the restaurant, told me about their Grab & Go system, where you can, well, grab food and  go. In the restaurant KIDS EAT FREE!

He showed me their very own cocktail bar, and boy, it looks amaaaazing. I will need to use their services the next time I’m in Heathrow.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

boozy Heathrow option

We walked to the book shelf with Gordon’s daughter Tilly’s cookbooks, released recently. Errol told me how Gordon is a great man, overseeing so many of his projects, not forgetting the people, involving his family into the joy of cooking. I mean, I myself recently cooked scrambled eggs following his recipe after watching the latest season of Masterchef US. I am yet to perfect those.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover

Then suddenly in the window by their Asian cuisine counter we saw Chef Christina Wilson who was conveniently at the restaurant, probably creating another genius dish for Plane Food guests. Christina Wilson is an American chef who won the head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak located in The Paris Las Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Chef Christina Wilson

Right by the entrance and in the middle of the restaurant you can see departure boards, so you don’t miss your plane.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

You can also watch football on big screens inside the restaurant itself, and I would have, but I was already late for my plane. I said bye to the lovely Errol and was off to Gate B47.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food and @fictionalwishes

I do hope to be back here again one day, hopefully not in the rush that I was that day.

Here are some more excerpts from the menu for you.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Thank you so much for having me Gordon Ramsay Plane Food!

You can find Gordon Ramsay Plane Food in Heathrow Terminal 5 in London, right after security check.

Their official website: https://www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com/plane-food/

Their beautiful Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gordonramsayplanefood/

@fictionalwishes having a field day with the sea bass and spuds

Thanks and see you again x


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