Must Do And See Things in San Francisco. Part 2

Cont. from Part 1. Things To See In San Francisco

9. DO NOT Look For The Charmed House In San Francisco, but You Can Find Lookalikes.

The Charmed TV-series house that I am a huge fan of, is, in fact, located in Los Angeles, which I have visited prior to my San Francisco visit, so I didn’t look for it there. Scroll down for the real address of the Halliwell sisters’ manor.

However, explore San Francisco, it has so many beautiful buildings that you will get tired looking in four directions.

San Francisco Victorian Houses

Victorian houses in SF are the ones to watch out for. Built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901)

San Francisco Victorian Houses

The bright colours will catch your attention when you look around and when you don’t

San Francisco Victorian Houses

The colourful city will make you want to stay here longer

San Francisco Victorian Houses

Yeah. it’s blurry. I took the photo from a bus. But look at that house!!

San Francisco Victorian Houses,

Painted Buildings with the Transamerica Pyramid in the background

The address for the Charmed House is: 1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026

10. Of Course See The “Painted Ladies”. Bring Some Lunch With You and Enjoy It There and Then. Clean Up After Yourself.

The term was first used for San Francisco Victorian houses by writers Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen in their 1978 book “Painted Ladies – San Francisco’s Resplendent Victorians”. Respledent meaning: attractive and impressive through being richly colourful or sumptuous. What a cool new word.

Painted Ladies, San Francisco

Yep, it’s those buildings on the left that are the famous Painted Ladies

11. Ride on a San Francisco Streetcar. Possibly For Free

I hopped onto the cable car at the back of it, and as I only rode for one stop or two, the streetcar conductor didn’t have time to approach me and sell me a ticket. Back when I was there, a single ride was $5, now it’s $7. It is fun, there are many tourists on them, but it’s oh so fun to hang out of the window, or standing on the lower step.

San Francisco Cable car system

San Francisco Cable Car System. Now a National Historic Landmark and a tourist attraction

San Francisco Cable car system

Cable Car Stop

San Francisco Cable car system

View from Inside The Cable Car

San Francisco Cable car system

Sunny cars

San Francisco Cable car system

Don’t fall off

The other streetcar I want to try are the ones in New Orleans. Maybe one day 🙂

12. Have Breakfast in Chinatown

Seriously, I was here with this tour bus I told you about. Everyone on board the bus was Chinese, apart from me, a Korean girl, and one Japanese couple. We all had to eat dumplings for breakfast. I was looking at the menu, not seeing any English letters. Our tour guide helped me order something, which later turned out to be delicious dumplings. It was a great experience, I must say. When in Rome, go to Chinatown.

San Francisco Chinatown

SF Chinatown is one of the oldest and biggest in the whole of North America

San Francisco Chinatown

I only wish I explored it longer and not just for breakfast

13. Climb Russian Hill (take a bus) and Find Lombard Street Because It’s Awesome

I first learned about this street and did NOT know it was real, when I played Need For Speed. That is a cool game.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street, San Francisco

At the bottom of Lombard Street, looking out to Alcatraz

Lombard Street, San Francisco

In the middle of Lombard Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street, San Francisco

On the pavement next to Lombard Street

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street is said to be the most crooked street in the world. And it’s one way.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

The allowed speed is 5 mph

14. Be Astounded By or Get Married In The San Francisco City Hall

I chose to be astounded. I saw this amazing building right before we headed back to Los Angeles, the contrast of the walls and the gilded details against the light blue sky is tremendous.

San Francisco City Hall

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio got married here in 1954

San Francisco City Hall

The beauty of San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall

The symmetry perfection

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall from a different vantage point

San Francisco City Hall

Grand architecture of the government offices

15. Feel the breeze atop of Twin Peaks hills because it’s cool

I literally didn’t know much about san Francisco until I visited it. And when you don’t expect much, you leave overwhelmed. But you’ll still be overwhelmed if you expect something. This city does have something for everyone.

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

From my fast food days in the US

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

The vast hills and plains of the bay area

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Spot the Transamerica Pyramid

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Urban wonders of San Fran

16. If you drive, remember to park at 90 degrees

San Francisco parking

Park at 90 degrees because you know why

17. See Transamerica Pyramid from up close

Transamerica Pyramid

However, it is better to appreciate its architectural beauty from afar

Transamerica Pyramid

Transamerica Pyramid

Transamerica Pyramid

It’s better because you can see the whole thing, when it’s not obstructed by another building of course

18. Look for old signs on buildings.

Bull Durham, smoking tobacco, old sign

They contain history

19. Visit The Castro District To learn more about LGBT history.

It would be even better if you’re there in time for the Castro Street Fair. However, I have learned that this area, and generally San Francisco have a big Russian history, which mostly includes ships and the time of the Gold Rush. Back to LGBT though, this is a gay village of the world, which I find amazing, because not everywhere in the world, can my gay friends feel welcome. The world has a lot to learn from San Francisco.

20. Visit San Francisco for its various headquarters. A Bonus Point if you can get a tour in one of them

SF is home to a number of prominent internet companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, AirBnB, Craigslist and many more. SF Bay Area is the famed Silicon Valley, so if you care about your online presence anywhere, I think this area is a must visit. Just for the fact.

21. Remember to visit nearby places

Such as Solvang, the Danish City in America, San Simeon, and more interesting things that you can find in the close proximity to SF in Google Maps.

San Francisco and California

Simply enjoy the city of San Francisco and California

Thank you for reading.



  1. Charles Quinn
    April 5, 2017 / 10:17

    I lived in SF for about three years. Our company had dual Head Offices, SF and Dallas. I spent time in each. Loved SF, Dallas, not so much. I hope you had an opportunity to sample the many food offerings (I mean not just your dim sum breakfast in Chinatown!)

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