Solvang – Danish City in California

How I Got Here

Solvang is called the Danish Capital of America, and it has been incorporated as a city in 1985. “Solvang” means a sunny field in Danish, and it certainly feels so.

I got to this city by a travel bus with a Chinese travel company, it was quite an adventure on its own, three-four days without speaking many words, the tour guide only knew a few English words, and I didn’t really bother googling things much back then. Why Chinese bus? It was cheap. I also had a very good accommodation during the trip, which is definitely a huge plus, even though I didn’t get much English commentary on this fabulous trip.

Solvang has surprised me, that’s for sure. I love good ol’ Europe, and making it here was fantastic. I have never been in Denmark before, so after this trip I still didn’t know much about this country. Let me show you this cool place in photos.

Things To See in Solvang

Solvang, California

We arrived early, and the Californian sun was of course shining, the idyllic town welcomed us for several hours that we were to spend here.

Solvang, California, Danish City

alternative transport in Solvang

Solvang, California, Danish City

Gingerbread houses of “Danish” America

Solvang, California, Danish City

Fairytale castles in American Denmark


and 2009 street fashion

Solvang, California, Danish City Solvang, California, Danish City, Rasmussens Solvang, California, Danish City

What I most loved about this city is the number of those wonderful signs, that ranged from ice cream and sausages, to Danish bread and more sausages and more breads.

Solvang, California, Danish City

Danish Costumes

Solvang, California, Danish City

Tobak Shoppe

Solvang, California, Danish City

The Lolly Shop

The main sight of Solvang I would call the fairytale windmill, and apparently Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid sculpture and fountain which I didn’t see, due to my inability to google back then.

Have a look at the windmill though, it’s an absolute treasure. Solvang has five of them.

Solvang, California, Danish City, popcorn tree

Popcorn tree of Solvang

Solvang, California, Danish City, windmill

What Else To Do In Solvang

When you have more than two hours like I did in this city, you can go enjoy the pastry shops, boutique shopping (according to Solvang’s official website anyway), the wine tasting, and other alcohol tastings with the beverages that don’t necessarily come from Denmark, but rather from California. Just walk around there, the city/village is tiny, peaceful and quiet.

And you don’t need a horse to see this place. Just make sure you pack some good SPF cream, and maybe a hat. You’ll enjoy it. And if you’re Danish, you’ll definitely have fun here, because¬† I usually do when I’m in Brighton Beach in New York.

Thank you for stopping here.



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