Poetic Venice Walk At Night

Originally named: Scary Story Venice.

What happens when your imagination runs wild in the foreign city at midnight.

The unlit canals, the screeching window shades , mannequins peeking at you from the dark windows. The sound of invisible water. A lonely pedestrian heading towards you and then away. Shadows without light. A piece of paper flying in the wind. Dead end when you’re looking for an exit. A distant laugh of a stranger.

I glide my fingers on the nearby bridge wall. It feels like the bones of a dinosaur.
More paper. Accelerating wind. Wet droplets of a starting rain. Posters of church icons on the ancient walls of the ancient city. It suddenly feels like a ghost town.

A happy couple appears from around the corner and I regain my trust in the Venetian civilisation city. I stop at the bridge, take out my phone and write this all down as it happens. The story sounds funny in my head but it’s still scary as hell.
I take a deep breath. The sound of a passing boat is overwhelming. I smell the wind and it transfers me to the gothic times. My long dress waves in the gusts of wind. I try to sweep hair out of my face. I look straight ahead as I stand on the bridge and people walk past me. The orange light on the water looks wiped out, but the lantern above my eyes looks promising.

I look at the three meter windows and there is nothing behind them. I only see the dark glass. The lightning suddenly slashes through the night sky and I rush towards my hiding place. The skirt in my hand flutters as I take the steps. Another boat passes by and the sound is so loud that it seems like it follows me out of the water and onto the paved road.

I now watch some people enjoying the midnight in Venice at the nearby bar. I stop and look inside the tiny corridor of flats. Doors, rather. Someone unexpectedly appears behind me and they stop too, and it worries me for a second but they just walk by.
My hair gets in my face again. The piazza is under my feet, inviting me over the bridge, telling that it’s just one more crossing and I’ll be safe. I glance at the sparkling surface of the canals, look up and see the shadows without any light making those shadows. I cross the bridge.

The empty bell tower gazes emotionlessly in the direction that I’m walking. I take another deep breath and head for the shelter. The moon reflects in the water but I see no moon. I’m on the quiet street again. The lantern is giving me green light. Fondamenta Grimani and Ponte Diedo are behind me.
I walk past the grilled windows again and tall wooden doors. The windows at the top invite me to admire them and be afraid of them. I walk by. Santa Fosca universita calms me with her tall and warm walls. I am in the inner garden. I feel safe. Walking into the halls of the university campus, where I’m staying, I reach the second floor, whilst searching for my room in complete darkness. My phone flashlight shows me the way, when I remember about it. The key is finally in the door lock.

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