That Burrata Restaurant in Paris That I Loved

On one of our first days in Paris in 2016, was our family visit to this particular restaurant, which we found by accident while strolling along the long heated streets of the French capital.

I had no idea what this will entail, so I just told my mom and my sister to not pretend to speak French, just admit we are Russians who are extremely prolific in English, which was actually true. Those stereotypes of French waiters just haunted me for the whole duration of the trip, if you must know. But we were lucky. The bloke who served us, was laid back and joked with us as we joked at us. Haha, it’s totally a win-win situation. Or so I tell myself.

Anyway, we picked our place, half in the shadow, half under the sun. I was under the sun, because I can never get enough of it. And started looking at the menu.

As always I didn’t know what to choose, so I was reading this whole menu for about ten minutes, in French language, then, after boasting to my sister, that I can “understand almost all of it”, she said “oh really, I can understand it all”.

Yeah, the menu (as you can obviously see), has an English translation, at which I absolutely didn’t look. Quirky as always. Or I say so myself. Moving on.

I ended up ordering the most boring food in the world, in the most gourmet city of the, yeah, you guessed it, world. I order a club sandwich. Not because I was careful, but just because I couldn’t be bothered looking at the menu for longer.

Okay, I know it was boring, but it actually really well made. And huge. I may have disliked the butter mixed with ham, but I was hungry and I managed to eat a whole half of it, the rest I took with me in a plastic container, to be later eaten at the Seine cruise boat.

My sister was more inventive and opted for a burrata, and I envied her the whole time she was eating it, however, I did try it, of course, and she even let me finish eat, as the portion, in this case, was, too large. But most important of all, it was delicious.

My mom decided to go for Italian in the middle of France, but hey I think I topped it with my “Club Sandwich”. Although the pasta did look good.

I enjoyed this place a lot, it did not disappoint, in fact, it was the opposite.

Go try it for yourself. And then go roam the Parisian streets further. Just like we did.

Cuisine et Confidences is located at 33 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré.

Their web address is here.

And they also have a second location in Paris, but I believe this one is better.

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