The Bad Batch Press Conference at the 73rd Venice Film Festival

It was exactly 14:31, September 6th, 2016, at the 73rd Venice Film Festival I was walking into the press conference room of Palazzo del Casino, ignoring the festival employees who were giving out the headphones for translation. I later realised that Suki Waterhouse and Ana Lily Amirpour would in fact speak English, but most of the questions from the press would be in Italian. You live, you learn, am I right? Later, I actually understood what the audience was asking, so there were no problems there, in the end.

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It was my second press conference overall, the first one being for The Ghostbusters (2016) with Paul Feig, in June. I won’t lie, I really wanted to see Suki Waterhouse, she seems to me like this girl who won’t hang out with you, if you know what I mean, or that may have seemed to me because about a year ago I watched “Love, Rosie”, where she played a girl who is too good to sit with you at the same table. Watch that film, if you still haven’t seen it, by the way.


I happened to arrive right before the start of a tornado that was Ana Lily. Suki was quite laid-back that day, as in she was being very neutral, while The Bad Batch director Ana Lily Amirpour got almost furious, after one member of the press asked Ana Lily why there was so much violence in the movie. There were quite a few lost in translation moments there, when it felt like Ana Lily wanted to come up and murder the poor lady who dared utter the dreaded question everybody was dying to ask. After she collected herself, she asked what the press lady was suggesting, cut the violence completely out of the cinema, maybe. Everyone in the audience was breathing silently, including myself, trying not to make a sound, then everyone started nodding in agreement with Ana Lily about the fact, that we cannot exclude violence from the films at all. There were a few shy claps from people around me. As for me, I was just watching the drama unfold. This has gone on for about five minutes. I started wondering why they didn’t sell popcorn there. I, having not seen the film that morning, was quite stunned to later find out that during The Bad Batch screenings one or several people fainted, as there were a few walkouts. Oh, don’t you just love gossip? Not me, I heard that from a trusted source.

The violence question lady was let go alive. There were a few other mild questions about Jim Carrey being in the film, and a short story about how he and Suki Waterhouse agreed to do the film after Ana Lily has asked them. She then tried to explain the whole movie/score/plot system whilst comparing it with having sex: she couldn’t explain the chemistry, it just happened. It was a range of emotions that would be difficult to organise in words, as much as explain how she has sex, not just the sex in general. She then repeated it a few more times, and it started sounding like a sentence from yesterday, a tad rehearsed, something she thought of when she was preparing for the wave of discussions. No offense to the director, I absolutely understand how difficult it can sometimes be to come up with a decent phrase when your friends ask you a weird question, let alone two hundred hungry and tired reporters. Ah.. I know I would be completely rubbish answering questions. I prefer writing and even this doesn’t always go too well. Anyway, one thing everyone took away from the press-con was that Ms Amirpour has sex that is difficult to put into words.

As you can see, I was mostly taking photos of Suki Waterhouse. But at the table there was the director Ana Lily Amirpour, of course, who I already mentioned, as well as Eddy Moretti (executive producer) and Danny Gabai (producer).




I thoroughly enjoyed the press conference, it was one of a kind, full of emotions press conference, that took place at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

Thank you for reading x


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