Le George. Paris

We have arrived to George V at exactly 12:20pm and were shown around before we were led to or table at the Mediterranean-style cuisine restaurant called Le George. This restaurant is located in one of the most famous hotels in the world, George V, or George The Fifth (Cinq in French), it’s a hotel that I’ve been wanting to visit since the first time I have seen the movie “French Kiss” starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Klein. I am guilty of being susceptible to things like watching movies and then hunting down their filming locations.

I have always been a person who loves feeling like they are in an actual film. Cue Pleasantville comparisons.

After admiring Jeff Leatham’s exquisite flower decorations covering the lobby, corridors, and restaurants of George V, we sat down at our table.

IMG_9540 IMG_9536

We were given the menus and while we were deciding what to have, we thought we’d order a glass of champagne for each of us, as we were celebrating. Rosé was well befitting the occasion of my birthday, and everyone agreed it was a good idea. We made our orders and clinked our rosé champagne glasses.

IMG_9546 IMG_9572

I was ordering having a lot of fun, having my family next to me, celebrating my birthday in Paris (this doesn’t happen every year) in a chic restaurant.

I was also looking around, admiring the design of Le George.

IMG_9744 IMG_9743IMG_9599

Griffe Montenapoleone glasses


IMG_9707 IMG_9685 IMG_9680 IMG_9598 IMG_9526

We were brought our starters. We ordered the following:

semi-cooked red tuna and black truffle petals (À la carte menu, in the Crudos section). Crudos means raw in Italian, which means thinly slices fish pieces, drizzled with oil and seasonings.

IMG_9631 IMG_9644

My sister ordered octopus cooked over a wood fire, which looked like this and was absolutely delicious!

IMG_9630 IMG_9603

How do I know that it tasted amazing? The food here is designed for sharing, as they say at Le George, and boy, does it work! When I am usually presented with a menu, I have no idea what to order, and after I have made the decision, I then look at others’ food choices and wish I’d ordered the same! But this time I was able to try different foods (not that I usually don’t try others’ food!), but here it is actually encouraged. Joey Tribbiani would be absolutely appalled by this practice.

My mom went for the yellowtail kingfish crudo with lemon, and may I say this was one of the best dishes I have ever tried.


As they said in “French Kiss”, they have this sauce and “c’est manifique”! I wish I knew what was in that sauce, to be honest. I still remember the feeling of the yellowtail on my tongue tingling with taste explosions.

Then we had a little break before our lovely server brought us our mains. I went for the lobster risotto from the pastas and risottos section.


On the menu it says “to share”. I was able to eat the whole thing, but I must admit, it was a lot of food. The lobster was in my every fork lift, and was cooked to perfection. I believe that was my first ever lobster and it did not disappoint.

My mom smartly went for the roasted sole with basil and vinegar sauce, pictured below. I have tried many fish dishes in quite a few countries, this was one of the top dishes ever, the fish meat was just a perfection elegantly laying in the basil and vinegar sauce, as promised, and was a feast to the eyes and our taste buds.



My family shared and tried everything, of course. My sister chose a fantastic squid risotto with champagne, pictured below.IMG_9659 We also had a bowl of roasted veggies, which I absolutely loved, I am a big fan of roasted vegetables, especially in such beautiful presentation!  IMG_9655


Then it was the time for some dessert in a form of a birthday cake!


That was cheese crème brulée with mandarin sorbet.

We also had:

semi-confit apple with ginger, mascarpone cream and milk ice cream


and a chocolate composition


After the desserts we were brought a few pieces of more chocolates and some biscotti, as a finishing touch, and we were asked whether we wanted coffee or tea, but we kindly declined, as this was already too much food!

We had a fabulous time at Le George, and as my sister said – it was one of the best food experiences she’s had so far. Everything was perfect, the staff, the food, the interiors and the elegant Parisian atmosphere.

Hopefully we will be back to try their other restaurants too. Thank you for having us, George V.

You can book your own food experience here or by e-mailing them at le.george@fourseasons.com

They are located at

31 Avenue George V,

75008 Paris.

And thank you for reading x


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