Bateaux Parisiens Seine Cruise

It was a lovely and sunny day in Paris and my family gathered together again to celebrate my birthday, which we haven’t done in years. All three of us – my mom, my sister and I are usually all in different countries in July, but this time I was lucky and happy to see us reunite under the Eiffel Tower!


I had a Seine cruise booked for us at 6 pm, so I went to the ticket booth and got them, and we all went on a lovely shiny bateau, or as my French friend later said – they call all these boats – speed boats. I argued for thirty whole seconds telling him that it was Bateaux Parisiens and not just any other.

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I chose this company because they seemed like a no fuss firm. We got on a boat and memories came rushing in! This is exactly where I have been ten years ago. We even had our picture taken by a boat photographer, just like that day a decade ago. I’m not sure any of us liked it, just because everyone is so self-conscious, but we definitely liked the idea. And this trip I wasn’t going to say “oh no, I look fat there”. I just went with it!

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Of course, we chose the top deck because why would I sit inside when the weather is so brilliant? And then it started. A beautiful trip on the green Seine! We were floating by the famous bridges and buildings, we were waving to people on the river banks, some waved back, some kept chewing on their baguettes, overall, it was so very Parisian and so very summery.

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You can of course go to the bottom deck and listen to the commentary, but I felt more like just enjoying the scenery and the trees passing me by, strangers I would not meet again in my life, the windows reflecting the sun in my eyes and simply the water splashing beneath playfully.

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Bateaux Parisiens cruise is also good for people watching. On the boat people, or off the boat people. This is such a touristy attraction, that you just have to do it, just like climbing the Eiffel Tower. And if you’re a couple, if you’re with your significant other, then when a bridge comes up, it hides you in its cold dreamy shadows, and for a fleeting moment you realize that the kiss is inevitable… Reminds me of the film “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and their quiet dancing on the deck..and an almost kiss, which never happened.


Image: TriStar Pictures

The film takes place in America, but they also have romantic boats there. As I mentioned before, you can go by yourself, or bring your family and munch on sandwich you got in your doggie bag that you couldn’t finish at lunch. That was me, yes. And just enjoy the sights!


Notre Dame de Paris as seen from Bateaux Parisiens!

IMG_9083 IMG_8977 IMG_9100

It was an hour well spent! And it was high time to find some pink and gold macaroons and some tea! Soon on my website – a secret place where you can find the best tea in the world.

Check out Bateaux Parisiens on their website:

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