What else to do in Glasgow

So after you have seen my previous posts, you probably already know what you want to see in Glasgow.

But there are a few things that I have wanted to talk to you about.

I have never told anyone, but usually (and I have done this since the first time I went travelling in the UK), I go to Wikitravel and see what some of the must-do things there are in the cities I am heading to. Of course, these days, we have TripAdvisor which also provides tons of information and I really like this website for reviews, and I myself leave reviews about the places I usually visit and places that have personally made a big impression on me. So there’s a two places for you to go to, before your trip. I must admit, that the Wikitravel website is sometimes outdated for some cities, or some vital information about the customs or places is missing, but the general must-see things are still there.

We went to Glasgow on the year of The Commonwealth Games, however we were there after they have finished, but there were still some signs of the Games in the city.


Their main marketing campaign for the event was People Make Glasgow, which I absolutely loved. It is promoted by the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, which I think would be a lot of fun to work at.

Quoting the official Glasgow brand website “Glasgow’s brand has a unique story. The brand was developed through a global, digital conversation which asked the question “What makes Glasgow a great city?”. Over 1,500 people from 42 countries contributed to the conversation by sharing their brand ideas, stories, images, videos, music and poems.” (source: http://peoplemakeglasgowbrand.com/story). The main response to the question turned out to be “people”. And they couldn’t be more right. It’s the people around you that help you get around, make you comfortable or not so much, people you interact with, people crossing the road in front of you, those driving buses, cars, bikes, people you ask for directions, people you ask to take a photo of you or several, people you fall in love with, and people you may not understand – it’s all of us, and it’s the people of the cities of the world. They make them. Whether positive or not too much, we remember our travel by experiences and my Glasgow experience was lovely.

After we have arrived at the Glasgow bus station from London and had our breakfast at a local Wetherspoons -Camperdown Place, please, don’t judge us, and refreshed our makeup after a night on a budget Megabus, without the opportunity to get off of it to stretch our legs, we headed towards River Clyde and the beautiful architecture along its banks.


From my previous post you know that the building on the right is called the Clyde Auditorium and now serves as the event venue, and the building on the right is the SSE Hydro built by the Norman Foster and Partners, the same person who has designed the London Gherkin and my favourite Sainsbury Art Centre in Norwich, and many other buildings.

205 191


IMG_6854 IMG_6858

After you are done exploring the venues from the outside because they are closed after the Commonwealth Games, you might want to wander across the river where the BBC Scotland is located.


We got to Glasgow on a very British weather day, the sun was coming and going, there was practically no one around us, and it felt like we were the only ones in the steel city, the winds blowing were fresh and then they brought rain, and suddenly we needed shelter. We were running right next to this glass BBC building and I said “Let’s pop in here”, as I saw people coming out of the doors.

The girls hesitated but I bravely marched into the entrance and started looking around. I knew they should have their own cafe and not fuss much about the fact that we did not work there. We have a similar BBC quarters in Norwich, in the Forum. I have indeed spotted a local Costa coffee and we picked a table out of a dozen of free tables around us there. I got myself a latte with a millionaires’ shortbread, and the girls went for something more substantial like sandwiches. I never win at sensible foods.

It was one long day for us. After this we went to Glasgow Science Centre, and after it, to the University of Glasgow to meet Diana’s friend for he was going to show us around this beautiful place.

I forgot to mention that in the morning we went on a little tour of Glasgow City Council which is a gorgeous building, and yes, they do tours there.


We took our time there, as we read 60 year old newspapers and slept on the couch.IMG_6786

On our way to the uni we were still taking hundreds of pictures and you really don’t think much of them at the moment, but, boy, do they come in handy when you look back at them after your trip!

IMG_6745 IMG_6804 IMG_7099

The tricky weather made it a bit tough to be photographed without problems, but we did not despair! Moreover, we went to the uni, we conquered the BBC, we slayed the views, we were winners.

IMG_6750 IMG_7021

The only thing I regret not doing in Glasgow is not getting the famous deep-fried Mars bar, but I guess this is a legitimate reason to go back to the city. I mean why not?

Overall, the visit was fun and friends made it all 100 times better.

Thank you for reading x


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