Glasgow Science Centre

When you come to Glasgow and you go see the River Clyde with its BBC Scotland building and the famous SSE Hydro Arena (on the right, built by Norman Foster) and Clyde Auditorium (on the left) that is shaped like an armadillo, if you look at it sideways, over the bridge across the river, you will see the centre.190

The Glasgow Science Centre, which is just across the bridge from these two beauties is a huge science complex where you can go if you’re in the city and feel like seeing something different today. So, the Science Mall, which is the main visitor attraction, would cost you £11 if you’re an adult, and £9 if you are entitled to concessions. You can also add a few pounds to that if you want to go to the Glasgow Tower, which is an option, or the Planetarium, or the IMAX.

If you really love science and/or have kids, and are in Glasgow often, or you live here, it would be wiser to go for the Science Passport, which is £27 for adults, and £21 for children and allows you to come in here for 12 months not paying anything extra. I would definitely go for that passport.


Now, I must admit, you should come to the GSC with someone, preferably a friend, because then you can have lots of fun here and try all the cool things on display, but being on your own would also mean you’ll get to learn and see many interesting things and try them out without a problem too.IMG_7028 In the Glasgow Science Centre you can test your hearing. IMG_7056

Your ability to be surprised.IMG_7062

You’ll test your vision and speed.IMG_7072 IMG_7074

Your meditation skills (not really)IMG_7088

And your upper arm strength!IMG_7089

Ah, as you can see, we’ve had lots of fun and laughs there. Tune in for the next post, where I’ll tell you where you can go for a bite to eat near The Armadillo, SSE Hydro and the Glasgow Science Centre.

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