Scottish Highlands. Part 1

Oh joy. I was in the Emerald City again. Or Emerald Mountains, and Emerald Plains and the country with Black Lakes and Forbidden Forests and yes, I am using capital letters to describe the names I would definitely have given to Scotland if I didn’t hear those names used before.

It was summer, it was August, but it was still cold. I braved the weather and wore a dress. With some black leggings, like a true British girl, that I secretly am. My friends and I got loaded into a minivan with other adventure seekers and were on our way to the deep Highlands, and most importantly Loch Ness and other lochs, and mountains, isles and rivers, countless clouds and rare suns.

The Emerald green country seemed welcoming. We were listening to Gaelic music in the car and looking out of the window. I was totally immersed in the atmosphere of the land of fairies, mermaids, other mystical creatures and Hogwarts Express. The voice of Eddi Reader with her “Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon” was singing in my ears and head and I excitedly opened my mouth and kept my eyes wide open to try to not miss anything around me.


Burning with the anticipation of seeing the Highlands again I could not help but notice the sadness I felt when I faced the fact that I could not just say to the driver to stop so that I could take it all in. Julie Fowlis started with “A Ghaoil, Leig Dhachaigh Gum Mhathair Mi” – Love, Let Me Home To My Mother, the translation I now know, and I felt the longing for the far lands that seemed to be my home.

You would think how did she know all the songs’ names? Why, it’s Shazam of course.

When you see this absolutely beauty around you, your head tends to free from thoughts and fills with freedom and willingness to live, the desire to breathe the brave hearts’ air and simply be.

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We made a few stops on the way, and were mostly taking photos. Taking it all in did not happen for 100%. You need more time to appreciate the stunning views surrounding you, next time I’m in Scotland I’m renting my own car and driving it too. But I do realise that if I do that, I will not spend three days only in Scotland, I will just step out of the car, take a look around, put on my walking shoes (because driving in them would be hell), take a deep breath and just start walking. Walking ahead, to the lake, then onto the mountain, and then another mountain and I would not want to stop, and when I am tired, I will remember that such beauty can be dangerous, that I did not take my car with me, that I need to find a shelter for the night, and food to keep my stomach happy, and some warmth to stay alive.

I’d look at the sun and think that it was all worth it. I’d walk back to my ride and start driving again, into the night, and to new adventures, for this land is filled with them.

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“It is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world, the history is fascinating, the men are handsome and the whisky is delicious.” – Jo Rowling

Thank you for reading x

To be cont.


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