Loch Ness in Summer

For this trip we booked a tour on a minivan from Edinburgh through a local firm which we found on Viator, however, if you come to Edinburgh and walk the Royal Mile towards the castle, you will see many firms and many ads in the windows that will tell you they will take you to the Highlands and the Loch Ness.

I was really looking forward to seeing the Highlands and the lake again, even though it was my second time there. I wanted my friends to see the places I have seen and I really hoped they would like them as much as I did the first time. So after a few hour drive through the mountains and mini lakes (compared to the one were heading to anyway), you are in a Fort Augustus, Highland, Scotland.337


If you booked the tour with someone from Edinburgh, you will have a boat ready for you. You will just need to get into this huge queue (line) and you will be on board.

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These queues seem long but they move fast. The whole trip takes about one hour. As this was August, it was relatively warm, but I was still wearing my leggings. My UEA hoodie was on my shoulders by once we got on board and took our seats, unallocated, but I suggest you go somewhere near the water and near the back of the boat because you will not have people in front of you, to fully enjoy the views.

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Usually everyone starts taking photos when the boat is further into the lake. Loch Ness is a large, extremely deep lake that is mostly famous for its wonderful resident, the Loch Ness Monster, or simply Nessie, as the locals call it. The legendary lake is a home to a kind of plesiosaur, that has survived since the Jurassic Period, and is a marine reptile, which looks absolutely cute and wonderful. Did you notice that I never used the word “supposedly” ?

So there we were, taking photos and enjoying the scenery…


IMG_7607 IMG_7626

And enjoying the surrounding mountains and hills and trees..

352 IMG_7638

Enjoying the rare sunshine that graced us with its presence for a while… And then…


We saw it! HER! Because, Nessie is obviously a girl’s name. Anyway, it was only for a moment, but Nessie was there. We were scared at first, but then Nessie swam closer to the boat, and let us touch her ears that looked like tiny antennas. She was like a big fluffy puppy, splashing in the water, only covered in scales, not fur. Anyway, she was absolutely lovely, and it was such a big surprise for all of us. No one but us four saw her, it was quite strange. Then she dived right back into the black waters of the loch and we never saw her since. Suddenly it started raining, and it got pretty cold, so I put my hoodie back on. It has become windy too, but we had lots of fun. Some people went inside the boat but we were out on the deck, still hoping we’d see her again.


Hello, Nessie!

The boat usually turns back when it reaches one of the most beautiful points in the loch (and it is pronounced as lokhh, imagine you can speak Klingon and that’s what it’ll sound like), and that’s where people take photos too. And it can rain on the deck, but over there it will be fantastic, with rainbows all around and fairies dancing on the water droplets that arise from the waves of the big ocean that is the Loch Ness.

IMG_7600IMG_7669  IMG_7665

It was a fun journey and it would be fantastic to come back here again, with even more friends.


By the way, my favourite film about a sea creature from Scotland is The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, it’s simply adorable.

Tune in for the next post on Scotland (more Highlands and Glasgow).

Thank you for reading x


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