Hatton Court Hotel

A story. (with a few pictures)

Hatton Court Hotel was short but enjoyable. It was our first night on the way to Gloucester that time. It was starting to get dark and we were a bit lost in the winding roads of rural Britain. The sun was barely shining through the branches of bare trees and the cars on the road were beginning to switch on the lights. Moreover, those lights were on to prevent the thick fog we were seeing more and more, and even decided to switch off the music to make out the silhouettes in the blackness that was covering the vast fields around us.

I believe we decided to take the side road to get to the country house, because I loved the English countryside and now the sat nav was taking us in circles and it was dark, dark, dark..

The car was softly rolling along the long tree alleys and I leaned on the window to get a better view of the sky that wasn’t anymore seen. It was warm inside but I felt uneasy and a bit cold. I looked around, it was getting really quiet. I asked my partner where we were and finally he said we were right next to Hatton Court. I happily smiled and decided to put on my jacket.

The ride was feeling like the end of the credits in a film, where everything was clear but some things were coming the main characters’ way. I shook my head at the thought of feeling like being inside a British film, you know how they are – they’re straightforward and elegantly sarcastic, they’re grey and blue at the same time, the heroes will wish you well and then go walking in the moores by themselves and the only thing you’ll ever hear is the sound of the Baskerville hound, running to get to you, and maybe lick your face.

I snapped out of daydreaming because we’ve just arrived.

– Yay! We’re finally here. – I said and we smiled at each other. The ride wasn’t longer than three hours, but it was the end of a long working week, and we were happy to walk into the reception area and check in.

The room was tiny but nice, maybe if I could I would have made a few changes, brightened it up a bit. I then remembered I had a stiff upper lip like the British.  For one night stay it was fine. I’m usually not that fussy when it comes to hotels but I do admit to changing a room in a hotel or two in my life. Guilty.

I think I actually preferred the bathroom more because of its classic design that I usually enjoy seeing. We took a bath and went to sleep.

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Don’t mind the chapstick. Focus on the English taps (remember the story I told you in my other hotel review in Coln St Aldwyns?)

In the morning we slept over, and we knew we missed the breakfast that was included in the price, so we just used the tea we found in the room, and had a few of those biscuits too.


As for the surroundings and the views we were promised even before our arrival, I could finally open the window and breathe in the fresh Cotswolds air and see the light greenery of the gardens at the property.


We had to leave this lovely hotel and head to Gloucester. On our way out I noticed the fact that they did weddings and other events there.


– How lovely, – I thought.

As we were heading out I had the chance to look at our hotel. The look of the hotel was simply charming and I’ve heard they’re doing some renovation works right now, so it’s all for the best.

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We hopped into our car (not the one pictured) and were off, back to the narrow English road, tall trees and sun sparkling through their branches.


You must see the Cotswolds, and if you choose to stay at Hatton Court, follow the travel directions on their website. Don’t get lost like we did, although it was scarily romantic.


Thank you for reading x

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