Edinburgh Castle

It was my second time in Edinburgh but my very first time in Edinburgh Castle. I really expected a lot from it. I have been in a few castles during my travels and expected nothing less than centuries of history and mystery and magic.

We started with walking up the Royal Mile, named that because it is approximately a mile long and runs between the castle and if I’m not mistaken the Scottish Parliament Building, which is an interesting building in itself, and if you have time or are heading towards Arthur’s Seat, do check it out if you’re into architecture. You will know what I mean, if you google it.

So we bought our tickets, that were not discounted as we’d hoped (we were students at the time) and went on to the entrance, where we saw crowds of people dying to see the historic mystery of one of the oldest castles in the world. Well, roughly (12th century site).

Edinburgh Castle

The castle was built on a volcanic rock and was a centre point of many war events, mostly from the times of Scottish Independence Wars.

When you walk inside the fortress, through the gates, you enter the walls of the castle and that is where I got a little upset. Most of the interior of the building is in fact modern and looks like your average museum, in my opinion anyway. We did not take any photos inside this part of a tour/castle, but there’s lots of history maps, information, maybe a few knight armour, but none of those 17th century goodness from which the castle was built. Why? I never asked. Basically, the outer walls of the castle and some buildings are genuine constructions, but inside they’re simple museums. But do not despair, because for those history buffs like me – you can just walk around and enjoy the panoramic views of the city, and go see the prison, which actually kept its whiff of gloomy Scotland of the middle (roughly) ages.

Edinburgh Castle

Princes Gardens as seen from Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle on the inside

You can definitely feel the atmosphere of various military happenings, fair maidens and Scottish regiments strolling around.

In the museum the walls were covered in something that seemed like a plain wallpaper. Another huge fail was the room with The Jewels. It was a complete mess. People were walking in from two doors creating a havoc, and nobody was able to see the Crown Jewels properly. It was too hot, although it was cold-ish outside (it was late August and I was wearing my UEA hoodie on top of my light jumper). I, as someone who treasures antiquities, could not understand how possible it is to keep such historic things in a hot mess like that.

The people flow in this room is absolutely not thought through. People seemed to walk in different directions and not really knowing what to do. We got out and became tourists again (and not museum critics).

IMG_7943 IMG_7944I was telling my friend how I wanted my picture taken and then we decided to explore the place more and went to see the prison, which was one of the places I liked, and that kept its atmosphere. And that’s where my friends and I had fun.

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There were different exhibitions inside, and they were all kinds of fun. Anyone, grown-up or kid would love those.

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Our favourite was the photoshoot in front of a window, not far from the entrance/exit. And yes, it was spooky!


This is an art of a photo right there. Can you feel it?


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle’s Prison and Dungeon

After we had our laugh, we went outside for some fresh air of freedom and we found more spectacular views.

IMG_7960 IMG_7949 IMG_7952

It was starting to rain but we stood strong.

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We were tourists and we weren’t afraid to admit it.

But then we needed to go, because running around prison cells and old cannons was fun, but we had other things to do, people to meet, and haggis to devour, drowning it all in single malt whiskey.

We took the last look at the city beneath us. We were on top of the hill, the wind and rain could not stop us. We’d brave the weather, looking forward to hot toddies and tatties and were on our way to the next conquests.

I will definitely be back in this amazing place, because I loved it here, made some great memories, and saw what this beautiful 700 year old castle that in its turn saw lots of history being made.

Edinburgh Castle

The views from Edinburgh Castle

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