The New Inn in Cotswolds. Room 4.

You have probably read my post about Coln St Aldwyns in the Cotswolds that I posted recently, and this is a post about the lovely little place where we have stayed. I’ll say right from the start, that the New Inn had a refurbishment since the last time I was there and I do think it looks wonderful, but it looked absolutely stunning when I was there.

The Inn dates back to the 16th century, and I would be completely sold if this was the only feature of this B&B. Honestly, if this place had bare walls and no bed, I would still stay here under its beautiful wooden beams which hold so much character. The Inn only has 15 rooms and is located in the countryside, where you’ll be able to experience the unspoilt beauty of the south central England.


The photo above is the view you get from the room where I have stayed. The Inn has its own convenient parking which overlooks the river Coln.


When you walk through these tiny century gates, after being overwhelmed by the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is surrounding you from everywhere, you get to the reception desk at The New Inn at Coln St Aldwyns and are transported back in time yet again.


These stairs lead you to the floor where Room 4 is located, it is quite dark inside, which only adds to the whole end of the Tudor era feel. For me, almost everything will have to do with the Tudors in England, don’t even argue with me. No, I’m just joking. Or am I? And no, I haven’t seen the famous TV show, but I am quite familiar with the general history.


This is the room, and as I have mentioned, it has been refurbished, right now the interior is in white and green shades, the wooden beams are painted white as well, and I believe it makes the room lighter, as well as the natural sunlight coming in through the cute little windows.

If you turn left, you’ll see a narrow door leading to a half-floor down, your personal bathtub and toilet facilities.


The sink is right at the top of the stairs, then, on the right there is a bath, and right at the bottom and next to a tiny window in the upper side of the Inn wall is the toilet.


For those who don’t know, the sinks and baths in most of the UK have two taps (at least the not modern ones, because I have lived in a cool little mansion in SW London, where the flat was über-modern and had just one tap instead of two).

Two taps might seem peculiar to those not familiar with the system, but I’ll explain it to you in a second. Some people think these exist to build your character! You wash your hands with some freezing cold water from one tap, or scald your hands from another tap, and that’s how you become stronger. The answer is “no” to that, but I really wanted it to be true. In most houses, there is a water tank with cold water that might not be maintained properly, some rust or contamination might be found in the water, whilst the hot water tank is considered safe. Hence, there are special regulations that forbid mixing hot and cold water, and many believe they’re there for a reason.

This is an extremely interesting article from Wall Street Journal which depicts Winston Churchill’s visit to Moscow in 1942, where he was fascinated by the fact that water in Moscow comes just from one tap unlike the standard British set of two. The article states that “the British leader could wash his hands under gushing water “mingled to exactly the temperature one desired,” as he put it in his memoirs.” (WSJ)

I would agree with Boris Johnson, the eccentric mayor of London, who said that choosing which water you want to wash your hands with is actually good for the environment, because you actually end up saving it. It’s either choosing which temperature to use, or even simpler – which is normally done in the houses in England – also for water preservation – you close the tap stopper, or use the tap hole cover to fill the sink with the needed quantity of water and then use it! Elementary, Watson.

So, back to the New Inn now. Here are a few photos from the interior at The New Inn from when I was back there, the walls are the same, but this cute table is now gone but it is replaced with a lovely green-ish sofa/chaise that looks even better.



Pardon the picture quality but I thought this towel holder (?) on the right was absolutely lovely, and I want one in my house too.


This is the entrance to the room (those beautiful stairs are right behind the door), and me in the mirror. When I go on a mini break in England (just like Bridget Jones, only without the usual consequences of Daniel Cleaver), I drink champagne! Especially, with the offers that The New Inn does from time to time, you save the much needed money for some elegant booze.


Back then, whilst exploring the surrounding area we decided not to have dinner at the hotel, but opted for the nearby Waitrose (what else?) in Cirencester and got some fruit and veggies (I talk strawberries, yum). But what I have heard is that the New Inn’s restaurant is quite lovely. So do check it out when you’re here, and maybe get that bottle of champagne from Waitrose too. Or another one. Or get some orange juice, whichever you prefer.

I’m 100% sure I will be back in this little fairytale place one day. It evokes the best of memories and has the charm that you want to experience over and over.


You can book the rooms here.

Thank you for reading x


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