Sparrow Hills

Sparrow Hills, named so after the village Vorobyovo (literal translation: Sparrowshire, don’t quote me on that though). Some people think (raises hand shyly) that the Hills were named after the birds that used to frequent the area, but now have left due to relocating to another country.

Sparrow Hills is one of the highest areas in Moscow and in my opinion, one of the best viewpoints in the city. The observation platform opposite the main building of Moscow State University provides a panoramic view of the Russian capital.DSC_0573

Here pictured you see Luzhniki Stadium, which is used for playing major football games and huge concerts of Russian and foreign performers.


To get here, you should take Moscow Underground to Vorobyovy Gory, which is a beautiful station in itself and gives you some pretty stunning views already.


The windows are usually cleaner. Anyway, you will need to walk up the hill a fair share of steps, through some lovely woods, there are pathways everywhere and the lampposts are on if it’s night time, so it’s absolutely fine to walk around and get to the main viewing point.


This is the view that you will get once you’re at the top of a hill. On the left you will see the beautiful skyscrapers of Moscow City, which I particularly love, but of which I don’t have a photo from this platform. Tourists start coming to Moscow from April, they do come here all year round, but the warm times of the year are usually the most popular, I guess just like everywhere in the world, or in the places of the world, where you can experience the change of the four seasons.

If you look back, you will see one of the best universities in the world, according to the world high education rankings. It is Moscow State University with its 42 floors of cool.


It was established in 1755, with the first lecture done in January of the same year. It has a rich history and if you want, you can always book an excursion on this website. I don’t know if they do tours in English, but even visiting this place from the inside is awesome enough, in my opinion anyway.

DSC_0606This is the view you get when standing on the steps of the MSU. Without the tour guide you cannot go inside, but you will definitely enjoy the grandeur of the architecture. The building is one of The Seven Sisters – a group of seven skyscrapers in Moscow built in the in 1947-1953 in Russian Baroque and Gothic styles, usually associated with Stalin,   and is the alma mater to several Nobel laureats and Fields medal winners.


Apparently, these were built to wow the foreigners that would come to Russia and see the lack of skyscrapers, so here we are.


Yes, the Seven Sisters of Moscow were built to impress and were seen as a symbol of a country reborn as Rossiyskaya Gazeta has put it. It is a must-visit place in Moscow, and you should take the time to visit the view point of Sparrow Hills and see the MSU building. You can read the whole article about the “architectural ensemble” here, whilst published by the British Telegraph, it was written by the Russian newspaper.

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