Coln St Aldwyns Village, Cotswolds

The village of Coln St Aldwyns lies in an unspoilt Cotswolds countryside and The New Inn Hotel (where I stayed) is situated right in the valley of the Coln River, which you can see from the hotel’s window.


Coln St Aldwyns has a Norman church, and the whole area is located in a parish (built around the end of 12th century) that is a Conservation Area and Cotswolds Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the English county of Gloucestershire. The cottages in the area have mostly been built around the 18th-19th century.

Strolling along the green fields among the birds and the trees and the flowers is a dream for anyone who admires nature, or just for anyone? I am a romantic, so I would say yes. If you’re allergic, take some antihistamines, plus flowers don’t always bloom in England, but they do tend to do that in March and April, you’ve been warned.


This photo above is a bit is looking out from the church’s side. There is an old cemetery, which is lovely to walk around in, however, I decided not take any pictures. It’s amazing how serene the walk around a place like that can be. It’s wonderful in the sunshine. You step inside this little yard and you’re transported back in time and, as it seems, space. There’s no one around you, there is no wind, sometimes you can hear the leaves in the trees whisper, there are no birds, the sun is shining at your face and you walk along the tombstones, sometimes you step on the grass to see what’s written on one of them, to see the dates, they’re mostly from the 19th century. Some cannot be read because they’re that old and it’s fascinating, a few are probably from around the 13th century.

But then you walk through here, this little arch – and you’re back, in the 19th century again. Because there’s still nothing that shows any signs of the age that we live in, not yet, and hopefully never will. You walk closer to the road, and to the New Inn, and you feel like you can stay here, not just for one night, but forever, especially if it’s with someone you care about, but I am sure, it’s okay to live here on your own. I wish I could find out more about the English countryside, the even more rural side of it.


Imagine living here, not having to worry about taking an early train to work?

Coln St Aldwyns is a representation of our need for the romanticism of the old days, when we read Jane Austen, or The Bronte sisters, we dream of being in a place like that. I’ll admit, the England of Brontes is a bit more darker than this sunny day in Gloucetershire. It’s the passion we yearn for, or, at least, some of us, who are hopeless romantics.

When we are in a place like that, a little of that love wakes up, because it lives in us, to quote a famous film. I do believe in that. To find this love inside you, you just need to look for signs.

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I will definitely be up for living in a heavenly place like that one day. I can picture myself taking it slow in this village, and taking occasional trips to the nearby Cirencester and Gloucester.

A visit to Gloucester was the initial reason for a stay at The New Inn in Coln St Aldwyns village. Gloucester is a huge city, and staying there is okay, but if you have a choice like I did – stay here, you will experience something that you haven’t before. At least, that was the case for me.

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Being able to enjoy both history and nature at the same time, was wonderful and the English spring was good to us that weekend. Seeing unspoilt beauty like that, feeling the way that many generations before us were feeling, was unforgettable. Walking around the wonderful buildings, living this small part of your life in history was a gift that no one should take for granted, but I’m sure locals do exactly that, who can blame them? They’ve been living here forever.

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So we stayed here for more than 24 hours, and it was time to go to Gloucester. It was time hit those winding roads, those blinding lights of big cities.


I have always been saying – if you live in London, don’t get stuck in there – go travel, go see the whole of the UK. You don’t necessarily need a car, but it definitely won’t hurt. There are buses, there’s National Express, National Rail, there’s Megabus for goodness sake (which is a bit limited when it comes to the variety of destinations, I must admit), there are planes and boats, ferries and bicycles. Sometimes, planes are even cheaper than buses, I will assure you. For example, if you but the tickets ahead, you will pay about £20 for a round trip to Edinburgh from London, whereas on the cheapest bus it’s about £30-£35. I am forever grateful to have visited here. I wish I traveled more there, but I think I did a fair share of travel around the British Isles and definitely up for more.

Have any questions? I may answer them in my next posts.

Thank you for reading.


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