The Langham London Hotel

On a cool January day I checked into The Langham London hotel at the top of Regent Street, and was led to my room after a friendly conversation with one of the employees who has welcomed me at the front door.

I stayed at the renovated part of The Langham, called The Regent Wing, in one of the Grand Executive Rooms.

When I walked in, I saw lots of sunlight and this is absolutely important to me that the room has got many windows and plenty of sunlight (even on rainy days in London). I kindly thanked the lovely hotel porter, closed the door and decided to “inspect” the interior design. Usually when I check into a hotel (and it was a fair number of them that I used in my life), I look out the window, then check the mirror, tables, amenities such as the availability of tea and a kettle (extremely important for a hotel in England, or the whole of the UK), and toilet facilities.

By the window I found a stunning bouquet of beautiful roses, a wonderfully arranged plate of fresh fruit and some colourful macaroons wrapped in a pink ribbon (the official colour of The Langham) – wonderful surprise!


Photo by: Laku Davies

I was extremely happy to see the Nespresso machine, and when I saw it, I literally jumped with excitement. I had to message my sister instantly and make her jump with excitement too (she’s a true coffee addict). There I was, contemplating on eternal things, such to make a Nespresso machine work (just kidding, there was a piece of paper with instructions), and then I suddenly decided to explore the bathroom. It was perfect. Unfortunately, I only had time for a shower, but I’m sure next time I will use that huge bath with lots of bubbles (you know I love bubbles: West Ham United forever)

IMG_0227 IMG_0226 IMG_0225 IMG_0223(1) IMG_0229

So that evening, after having a cup of coffee, I got dressed and went out for drinks. At night, I was sleeping in this huge bed (I now want one installed in my house too). And I cannot stress enough how I love beds like that. Don’t think I’m a spoilt brat, because sometimes I stay at such crazy places where there are no beds at all. Maybe one day I’ll tell you more about it. But now – look at this luxury. If there was only this be in the room, I’d be happy already.



Yes, that is The Philosopher’s Stone on my bed. You know how I love Harry Potter. I have never read that book in English, so I had to buy it for myself, it was practically essential (Daunt Books, Marylebone by the way – make a trip there, you won’t regret it).

I fell asleep very soon and then it was time to wake up, because I had a lot to do, and as much as I’d wanted to stay in, I had another meeting to get to, I was also waiting for my friend to show up and take some “I woke up like this” photos, which I have also included here, and in case you were wondering, no, I did not wake up like this, it took me about an hour to look that mediocre.


(Photo by: Laku Davies)


(Photo by: Laku Davies)

Writing this, it makes me miss the Langham London already. Here are some stunning views from my room. The moody sky made this photo look even better, Regent Street is looking wonderful here!



This is me using the Nespresso machine (result!). If I’m honest, I love taking my time in the morning. If I don’t have enough me-time, I can feel tired all day. That’s being an extroverted introvert for you. I am absolutely not a morning person, but when I do wake up early, I love taking it slow. In a room like that it only works better. I was drinking this coffee and looking around myself, looking at the beautifully designed room, smelling those roses on the table and thinking to myself “I am happy now”. Yes, happiness is different to all people. For me, that day, happiness was sitting on a bed, drinking my cafe au lait and sometimes waslking up to the window to look at the people outside it, to think about what they might be thinking and then returning to bed again to flip through the pages of history in the book about The Langham. I will admit, five star hotels don’t happen to me very often, so I was genuinely excited.


The Langham and the view from here is beautiful, as you can see in this picture, it’s beautiful in the pouring rain or in the glorious sunshine of London Town. The hotel has been delighting its guests with their hospitality since 1865, think about it for a second. It is here, where the tradition of the afternoon tea was born. You know how I love history, especially that of England. I felt truly welcomed here, in this fabulously styled room, I loved having conversations and exchanging jokes with the all the staff members I have met in this hotel, because the most important thing everywhere in he hospitality industry and everywhere else – is people you meet at the entrance, people you communicate with, people you say bye to and hope to see them again. I felt like a friend and a princess at the same time here. Everyone was so sweet, that I will never forget it.



The next morning I had a meeting with The Langham’s own regional director of PR, Aysem Monaco, with whom we had a lively conversation about all things Instagram, and I can talk about it for hours – my favourite subject of all 🙂


(Photo by: Laku Davies)

I hope to return to The Langham London very soon, and possibly visit their other locations too.

Be sure to check my next post, on Palm Court at The Langham.


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