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I love food, everybody loves food. I hope one day I will be able to write about it more elaborately. So I’ll use the help of their website to help me talk about this place. The recipes here and classic French dishes are inspired by the Grand cafes of Europe. A new menu (that I was lucky to try already) was conceived by Executive Chef Chris King, in partnership with Chez Roux (their famous Roux At The Landau elegant restaurant, which was featured in the Bradley Cooper film “Burnt”). The delicacies include ‘Salade Perigourdine’, ‘Spit-roast coquelet à la bière’, ‘Praline profiteroles’ (absolutely delicious) and much more.


When I walk in, the lovely restaurant hostess already knows who I am, and I’m shocked (once again haha). She says she can speak Russian if I want to, and I gladly start asking her questions about her life in England (as I usually do, when I meet someone from Russia or former Soviet Republics who now lives here). She shows me the menus and introduces me to my server, so I continue chatting to him, this time in English. I tell him I’ll order later, as I’m still waiting for my friend to arrive. I am left alone at the table (with a glass of champagne to keep me company) and instead of looking at the menu, I start looking around, noticing the elegant modern chandeliers, soft beige couches and chairs. There’s a few tables with people having dinner as well, so I awkwardly smile and finally decide to look through the menu. Then my friend arrives. I tell her about the restaurant and the menu and she also has a glass of champagne. We order.


Palm Court lobster salad

IMG_0354 IMG_0352

Everything tastes absolutely amazing, the presentation is impeccable, the service is fantastic, my friend and I had a nice little chat with the lovely staff at Palm Court, and the food feels even better.

Here we are enjoying our dinner and taking pictures of course! We both didn’t take cameras to the restaurant, so here are our phone pictures.IMG_0362 IMG_0356

(Pictured: Laku Davies)

Of course we had dessert too! When we ordered the famed Praline Profiteroles Langham No. 150 with chocolate sauce, we hit jackpot!


We have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and left fabulously happy.

A side note (a very important one though): Palm Court is famous because that’s where the tradition of afternoon tea was born. 150 years ago Palm Court has served the first afternoon tea and has been doing so since. If you’re there around Easter, I suggest you go there and try it for me, because I can’t be in London in a month time, unfortunately. Be sure to try their selection of tea blends, cakes, beautiful pastries, scrumptious scones and delicate finger sandwiches, created by Cherish Finden, The Global Chef Award winner 2015 and UK Pastry Chef of the Year 2012.

Here’s Palm Court website:

And here’s a link to their famed afternoon tea

Thank you, Langham, for having me and my friend xx


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