The Rumpus Room Bar

It’s Thursday and I have a 9pm booking at the one of the coolest bars in London (according to several newspapers and a TripAdvisor, a website I really trust because I’m one of the people who actually leaves comments there). I share an Uber with my friend Laku, and we arrive to Mondrian London hotel in an uber fab style. We get out at the Blackfriars Bridge, if you’re coming from the Covent Garden area, after a show, for a little bit of drinks, you’ll get here. The Rumpus Room bar and the Mondrian hotel are located inside the gorgeous Sea Containers building, if you’re a sucker for some architecture like I am, you need to be here.

My friend and I walk inside the reception area that is filled with dimmed light and we turn right, to see a door leading up to the lifts, we take a lift to the top floor and a lovely hostess meets us. I start feeling the vibe described by Kate Lough in The Evening Standard – she says it’s 1920s, and you feel like quite The Gatsby. Okay, I do feel the twenties, but I have never seen or read Fitzgerald (the shock and horror). I will definitely need to do that after I come back from here (or the next day, I’m in no rush, if you know what I mean).

We are seated by the window, it’s quite dark, I need the light from a candle to see the whole list (instead I use my phone). I look around akwardly. The server comes up and I ask her to recommend something. I am one of those people who take ages to make an order, so I don’t want her to be angry at me, not that anyone would ever be angry at you, when you’re in a place like this, but I always feel extremely British when I’m, well, anywhere.

Oh yes, but she’s Russian, you’ll say. True, but I always felt like Russia was simply a place where I was born, but never a place which I associated myself with, hence being open-minded, free-spirited and extremely friendly (sometimes a bit too much).


I like it here so far. I talk to my friend about Instagram and photography (who would have thought) and then we are served our cocktails. We went for Rumpus Rumble, a mix of lemongrass wine and black raspberry liqueur. Wonderful taste, made to perfection. I used to work as a bartender in a nightclub in Kingly Street (just off Oxford Street, non-existent anymore), so I know a thing or two about measures *smug face*

We just chill in our comfy plush chairs, laughing and still talking about Instagram, about the view you get from this bar. I make a trip to the bar counter to see what they’ve got there. A lovely bartender smiles at me while he polishes the wine glasses (ah, memories come flooding in). I make my way back to my seat past the big leather sofas, which are pretty convenient if you have a large company with you I reckon.


Oh, yes, we also had champagne. And I do start feeling a bit 1920s because of these saucer shaped coupes! Legend has it the shape of the coupe was modelled on the breast of Marie Antoinette, but the glass was designed especially for sparkling wine and champagne in England in 1663 (which I found out from a very interesting Amy Azzarito article which can be found here and from Wikipedia).



We have enjoyed our time here. And although we did not get any nighttime photos, we came back for the daylight ones in the morning (I simply could not miss such photographic opportunity!) You will be able to see London in all its glory! Like my friend and I did, and you can see it in our pictures below.


Photo by Laku Davies


St Paul’s Cathedral seen across the River Thames.


Photo of me by a great portrait photographer and my dear friend Laku Davies !

Be sure to check out her Instagram and her website atย for more wonderful photos and to book your very own London photoshoot.


Overall, it was a great time spent with great people in a breathtaking place.

Thank you, Mondrian London.



  1. March 28, 2016 / 08:51

    I really enjoy your posts about London and the UK and also your pictures are stunning. ๐Ÿ™‚

      March 29, 2016 / 15:28

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kathi! I hope you will like future posts too ๐Ÿ™‚

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