The London Eye in January 2016


This was my third time on the London Eye, and it was the first time that it rained during my ride. At first I thought I won’t be able to see anything or that it wouldn’t be as fun, but I was very wrong. When I left the London Eye capsule, I was full of positive feelings, great visual experiences, and many pretty cool photos, which, as you know, I have seen on my Instagram.

IMG_2272 IMG_1057 IMG_0828

This time I was on my own, but in a fun company. As it was raining, and it was a middle of January (well, almost), there were almost no people on the wheel. It was two British girls and me, and we were taking each other’s pictures. They probably thought I was quite annoying, but I made sure they had cool pics together too, I’m not that selfish 😉

IMG_0847 IMG_1038

You can ask yourself why you need to go up the London Eye… I mean there are so many viewpoints around the city.

“Looking is the key pleasure offered by the eyes that spin above our cities. Buildings change their appearances as you move and the light changes when you’re on the Eye. You can’t get that anywhere else in London”. – said George Ferguson, the former president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, when he was describing the London Eye experience. I couldn’t agree more. 😉

Make sure to check my post about my first ever ride on the London Eye (info coming soon on my Instagram)

IMG_2690 IMG_2326 IMG_1218 IMG_1213

One of the many views you can get from the London Eye. I was taking photos both on my Nikon and my iPhone. I will definitely be back here. I’m thinking…summer!




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