Moscow Fashion Week 2015

I have had the pleasure to visit Moscow Fashion Week 2015 in a cold October, as a blogger, with an exclusive backstage pass too.

The whole experience was amazing. The buzz surrounding the designers, the models, the photographers, the visitors and everyone else supporting and making the fashion show work was grand.

The photos or the written word can’t fully express what I was feeling walking into the venue with my journo pass, floating past the audience who had to wait outside the black curtain, when I was let in without any problem.

Breezing right into the special platform for photographers, which I considered a VIP place. The most important togs already had their place booked, so I picked up a low-key spot in order not to make anyone angry, because as it turned out later that the photographers who shoot fashion shows are a very nervous crowd!

As much as a very supportive one too, of course. I met a couple of really cool people who told me a lot about how fashion shows work, where it is better to stand, how to easier move through the venues, and how timings usually work there. Almost none of these runway togs went backstage, apparently because they considered it not very interesting, unlike me.

Let me just show you a few shots I made back then, with some backstage photos too. So if you prefer seeing those first, feel free to scroll right until the end. There you will also find a few other comments of mine on the fashion week business in Russia.

These are the designers’ clothes that I personally liked. Happy viewing!


Designer Anastasiya Kuchugova

Designer Daniil Antsiferov



Elena by Ivan Aiplatov


Designer Olga Blanc



Designer Natasha Drigant


Backstage Shots


I attended three days of Moscow Fashion Week, and they were an unforgettable experience. Yes, Moscow FW is not in the Big Four, and I’m sure the buzz in Milan, New York, Paris and London is even bigger, but I truly enjoyed this time in chilly Moscow, and I do hope that this Fashion Week will one day become as big as the Big 4.


Thank you Moscow Fashion Week!



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