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SK series rubber flex collet quick grip collet

Collet Features:
1, Rubber elastic collets unique in design and operation, the rubber elastic collets can generate two to three times the gripping force of a conventional split steel collets.
2, Gripping force is uniform and parallel throughout the collets contact length and not concentrated at the nose or back as it is a common issue of the split steel collets. as the following picture shown.

Collets advantages
1, The rubber elastic collet's construction is of durable synthetic rubber compound permanently bonded to hardened steel jaws, it is unaffacted by heat, coolants and cutting chips and retains its flexibility over a long service life as compared to spring metal collets designs.
2, With a spring-type collet, unless the bore is exactly sized to the workpiece diameter there will be reduced contact, resulting in compromised accuracy and grip force.
3, With a rubber elastic collet, the segments always remain parallel to the workpiece,helping to maintain optimum accuracy and grip force.
4, Each collet segment is joined to the adjacent segments with vulcanized rubber.This ensures that the collet segments always remain parallel to the workpiece as the collet is compressed, and the gripping force is 3 times than the common spring split steel collet.
5, The one-piece construction ensures its flexibility and resists deterioration from heat, coolants and cutting chips.
6, All segments is cut from one piece collets, it has higher hardness and durability, so the gripping force and accuracy can't be matched by the spring split steel collets.
7, The rubber elastic collets can seal the workpiece and the machine spindle, so it can protect the workpiece from grinding material and cutting chips damage.
The rubber elastic collets steel hardness is HRC58-62, it is processed by cryogenic treatment.it can improve the collet's stability, the runout is less than 0.01mm, and the clamping range tolerance nominal diameter is +/- 0.5mm.

Model Spec







Clamping Dia.


Through Hole type Radial slot Serrated Double serrated
SK32S 57.7 44 12 6-32 smooth ? ?
SK32N 57.7 49 12 6-32 serrated Yes, (only for 8-11 collet) Yes (only for 12-32 collet)
SK42S 79.3 42 15 6-42 smooth ? ?
SK42N 79.3 47 15 6-42 serrated Yes, (only for 8-11 collet) Yes (only for 12-42 collet)
SK52S 79.2 46 15 6-52 smooth ? ?
SK52N 79.2 46 15 6-52 serrated Yes, (only for 8-11 collet) Yes (only for 12-52 collet)
SK65S 99.5 53 15 6-65 smooth ? ?
SK65N 99.5 58 15 6-65 serrated Yes, (only for 8-11 collet) Yes (only for 12-65 collet)
SK80S 114.5 53 15 16-80 smooth ? ?
SK80N 114.5 53 15 16-80 serrated no Yes
SK100S 144.5 59 15 40-100 smooth ? ?
SK100N 144.5 59 15 40-100 serrated no Yes
SK120S 180 61 15 70-120 smooth ? ?
SK120N 180 61 15 70-120 serrated no Yes

Subject to the different products spec and craft, and different exchange rate, The price here is just for your reference, please get the right price from our sales when you order.


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