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Type: Live centers series
Duty: Medium

Application: CNC lathe, high speed lathe and other lathe.

Working Usage: Applicable for the length less than 400mm ordinary turning process, and slender workpiece turning process.

Structure The radial load and axial load designed separately. Adopted double row ball precision bear and thrust bearing and needle bearing.

Accessories For SC-69-M-3A/4A/5A, Y type spanner

TIR Less than 0.002mm

There is S model of light duty type, same spec, which can improve the issue of deformation of processing slender workpiece

Specification? ? UNIT:mm


A B C D D1 G L ?

Max. RPM

Max. radial load

Max. axial thrust force

SC-69-M-3 48 103 8 57 31.2 23.825(MT3) 190 60゜ 4,500rpm 1,200kg 1,800kg
SC-69-M-4 48 103 9 57 31.2 31.267(MT4) 211 60゜ 4,500rpm 1,300kg 2,200kg
SC-69-M-5 48 103 9 57 31.2 44.399(MT5) 238 60゜ 4,500rpm 1,400kg 2,300kg
SC-69-M-3A 48 115 8 57 31.2 23.825(MT3) 202 60゜ 4,500rpm 1,200kg 1,800kg
SC-69-M-4A 48 115 9 57 31.2 31.267(MT4) 226 60゜ 4,500rpm 1,300kg 2,200kg
SC-69-M-5A 48 115 9 57 31.2 44.399(MT5) 250 60゜ 4,500rpm 1,400kg 2,300kg
1,For the lubricating oil,SKF-LGMT2 is designated,others aren't allowed
2,if "A" is behind the center model name,it denotes a draw-off nut attached.
3,About radial force data, please refer to workpiece weight and machining force.
4,if "A" is behind the center interchangeable tip name,it denotes the tip is extended length.
5,About axial force data, please refer to the hydraulic pressure data of the tailstock.
6,For live centers, SKF lubricating oil is designated, it is waterproof.
7,Customized order can be accepted.
8,Subject to technical changes.

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